So Genesis 1 does indeed connect the  moon as the timebase for recognition of all days. Every day is a day of the moon. The four 7th day   shabats the 8th 15th 22nd and 29th. New moon day is the High Shabat, The Holy of Yehovah, honorable,  and not one of the six working days.

Simple logic tells us that the door of the temple at the east gate cannot be open and shut at the same time, so the commandment of Ezekiel 46:1,3 shows us that new moon day, six working days and sabbath days can never overlap, or the one to fall upon one of the other days, e.g. that is the sabbath can never fall upon one of the six working days, because it is the 7th, neither can the door of the temple be shut on the new moon day, but open, as the commandment tells us that there are six working days. Not three and then a new moon day, and then 2 more work days, as could happen with the mathematical weeks of today, which are not according to scripture, with the new moon happening upon any of the week days.

The calendar of the fourth commandment is,

"Mark the day of the  new moon to consecrate it.

Six days shat thou labor and do all thy work

And the seventh day is a shabat unto Yehowah thy Elohim."