Chi=600,     Xi=60, Stigma=6, Total=666
Chi=600,  Iota=10, Stigma=6, Total=616 (Some Greek texts)

Very Old Text (Rev. 13:18-end) in glass display at Bob Jones University Library - Greenville, S.C.

Greek text showing Rev. 13:18 "number name"

Chi - small letter xi - Stigma (stigma looks like an ear piercer-marking a slave-Christ Jesus Slave-says these three initials)
        Chi,         Iota,    stigma - 616         Chi,         Xi,    stigma - 666
6b.gif (8645 bytes) Zeus or Iesus same person, same name, spelled in different centuries, as the letter form changed.

"I or Zi"  "Xi" the greek Capital Form xismall.gif (76080 bytes) in small form.

Three forms of the Greek Zeta - Notice, Left Form resembles Capital 'Iota'.

The Letter Z-...The Greeks changed the Semitic name zayin to zeta and used the sign in several forms...From one of the Greek forms the capital letter came into English unchanged. (From Compton's NewMedia)


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