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-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Seven
-CN- 443
-CT- Ellen G. White Letters--The Sacred and the Common
-PR- 01
-PG- 118
Our electric battery, which has been out of repair, is now in working order; and what relief it brings in sickness! Just as the prunes were ready to pick, Brother James was seized with an attack of what he calls lumbago. He had severe pains in his back, and could neither stand straight, nor bend down far enough to unlace his shoes. Sara gave him electricity, Sister James helping where she could. But Sister James was afraid of the battery, and would not touch the sponges. At first Brother James could hardly endure the application of the electricity, but Sara persevered, and wonderful relief came to him. He now thinks that electricity is a marvelous remedy. After the first application, he was able to walk straighter than he had been able to for days, and he continued to improve. Sara has given him electricity three times a day, and he has been able to keep at his work.
-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Twenty
-PR- 02-PG- 186

This rule should be sacredly observed toward the dullest, the youngest, and the most blundering scholars. What Elohim will do with these apparently uninteresting youth, you do not know. Elohim has accepted and chosen in the past just such specimens to do a great work for Him. His Spirit acting upon the heart
has operated like an electric battery, arousing the apparently benumbed faculties to vigorous and persevering action. Y'hovah saw in these rough, uninteresting, unhewn stones precious metal that will endure the test of storm and tempest and the fiery ordeal of heat. Elohim seeth not as man seeth; Elohim judgeth not as man judgeth. He searcheth the heart. He judgeth not from appearance, but judgeth righteously.