Early Writings page 255 "They trace down the lively oracles, but start back with trembling when they see the fourth commandment among the ten holy precepts, with a brighter light shining upon it than upon the other nine, and a halo of glory all around it" ... "Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: but the seventh day is the Sabbath of Yahovah thy Elohim"

Why do they "but start back with trembling"? because they are surprised when they see "Watch (for the) coming (of) day, the new moon, to consecrate it" and they tremble, realizing they are keeping the wrong shabat. They "but start back with trembling" because they see "New Moon", and because they see that they are in disobedience to what is written there, the secret part that was not quoted in this reference, because it is to be repaired, providentially the part that is erroneous was not quoted.

In page 255 in Early Writings, why is the first line of the fourth commandment left out "Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy" and not quoted with the rest of the fourth commandment? because it is false and incorrect, it was left out providentially, as the true verse gives the calendar "Wait (for the) coming (of) day, the new moon, to consecrate it".

Prophets and Kings page 678
In the time of the end every divine institution is to be restored. The breach made in the law at the time the Sabbath was changed by man, is to be repaired. Elohim's remnant people, standing before the world as reformers, are to show that the law of Elohim is the foundation of all enduring reform and that the Sabbath of the fourth commandment is to stand as a memorial of creation, a constant reminder of the power of Elohim. In clear, distinct lines they are to present the necessity of obedience to all the precepts of the Decalogue. Constrained by the love of the Messiah, they are to cooperate with Him in building up the waste places. They are to be repairers of the breach, restorers of paths to dwell in. See verse 12.

Isaiah 58:12
And they that  shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called; The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.

The Signs of the Times 04-07-98 The Sabbath of (Yahovah). No. 2 -PR- 12
(Elohim) is true. He reigns, and will reign, notwithstanding that the church and the world have entered into a confederacy to abolish His law. Age after age Satan has been blinding men by his wiles. He has co-operated with human agencies in an effort to make falsehood truth. He has worked with intensity to defy the (Elohim) of heaven by making His law of none effect. But he has not done this; for in the ark of (Elohim) in heaven are the tables of stone upon which are written the precepts that are the foundation of His government. And the Sabbath, which (Elohim) declares to be the sign of the loyalty of His people, is placed in the bosom of the Decalogue. Its sanctity reaches into eternity; for (Elohim) declares that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, His subjects shall come up to worship before Him in the earth made new.
Mrs. E. G. White.

-PT- Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 03-18-84
-AT- A Sabbath Reform Needed
-PR- 08
YHVH has a controversy with his professed people in these last days.
In this controversy men in responsible positions will take a course directly
opposite to that pursued by Nehemiah. They will not only ignore and despise
the Sabbath themselves, but they will try to keep it from others by burying
it beneath the rubbish of custom and tradition. In churches and in large
gatherings in the open air, ministers will urge upon the people the necessity
of keeping the first day of the week. There are calamities on sea and land:
and these calamities will increase, one disaster following close upon
another; and the little band of conscientious Sabbath-keepers will be pointed
out as the ones who are bringing the wrath of Elohim upon the world by their
disregard of Sunday.

rubbish of custom and tradition = e.g. The 7 day cycle of weeks is an unbreakable cycle of 7's from creation until now. The Jews know when the Sabbath is, and have never lost count of it.

Isaiah 66:23 "And it shall come to pass, that from one new-moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before Me, saith Yahovah."

Ezekiel 46:3
Likewise the people of the land shall worship at the door of this gate before Yahovah in the sabbaths and in the new-moons.

And this verse shows that new moon was a worship day, a day to assemble to worship our Creator.

2nd Kings 4:23
And he said, Wherefore wilt thou go to him to-day? It is neither new-moon, nor sabbath. And she said, It shall be well.

-TI- Sermons and Talks Volume One
-CT- Keep the Commandments
-PR- 03
-PG- 237
How careful we are with all our property. You are very careful to keep
all the laws of the land, and to see that your deeds are made right. Be as
careful that you get a deed [the following two lines have been over-typed
and are not readable]. Those who have been careless regarding the law will


lose heaven. We do not want to lose the place in the world that is to be
purified--Abraham's farm.