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To a people in whose hearts His law is written, the FAVOR OF Elohim is assured. They are one with Him. The Desire of Ages p.106


No amount of money can buy a single victory over the temptations of Satan. But that which money is valueless to obtain, which is integrity, determined effort, and moral power, will, through the name of the Messiah, obtain noble victories upon the point of appetite. ...And it is a certainty that unless we do overcome as the Messiah overcame we cannot have a seat with Him upon His throne. Those who in the face of light and truth destroy mental, moral, and physical health by indulgence of ANY kind will lose heaven. They sacrifice their Elohim-given POWERS to idols.
...Those who make determined efforts in the name of the Conqueror to overcome every unnatural craving of appetite will not die in the conflict. In their efforts to control appetite they are placing themselves in right relation to life, so that they may enjoy health and the FAVOR OF Elohim and have a right hold on the immortal life. CONFRONTATION p. 78, 79