Yes Psalms 91 "He who dwells in The Secret of Elyons Shade, i.e. El Shaddai, shall pass the night (of Yacobs Trouble).

Yes, the Scriptures teach us that in this last dispensation, of The Holy Spirit, we are to honor the command of The Most High to not only honor our father, but our mother as well, fashioned after The Divine Persons, like The Father our fathers are patterened after, and likewise The Divine Mother, The Holy Spirit, El Shaddai, our human mothers.


So Psalms 91 tells us that He who stays upon His Name, seeing it is secret, but to be revealed in the Light of the latter rain, and thus by cherishing the Testimony of Yahshua, persecuted and proclaiming His Name, this being His Testimony of The Fathers Name and Character, by cherishing The Light Yahshua brings them, they thus keep their eyes fixed on Yahshua, as He leads them with Truth by Truth, calculated to separate them from the world up on a holier purer platform that is cleansed from the errors handed down by the heathen and papists, till at last leaving all worldly possessions behind swing on the rope of faith in His Name across the chasm to the Green Field of Bliss the heavenly Caanan.


So this sheltering place of refuge is The Temple which in Ellen Whites dream was supported by one immense pillar, this One Immense Pillar, is as He states of His Name, "My Great Name" to which was tied the Lamb all mangled and bleeding.

This One Name prophesied in Isaiah, that it shall come to pass that He shall be One Eloah with One Name, represented in the dream by The One Immense Pillar that supported the entire Temple.

So to be sheltered from the Storm of Divine Wrath that is coming, you must abide In His Great One Name. Spelled in Hebrew as Yod He Vav He, and pronounced as the expression of glee like the children praising elohim, whom the pharises bade Yahshua to hush them up as they consider the expression of praise to His Name as desecration of the temple.