-PT- Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 07-16-95
-AT- The Great Need of the Holy Spirit
-PR- 02
Men have fallen low, they are sunk in depths of sinful degradation, and
it is because of a lack of knowledge, of the want of connection with
vitalizing truth, and because they are contaminated by the corrupting
influence of error. In the work of saving men, men and angels are to work in
harmony, teaching the truth of Elohim to those who are unlearned therein, in
order that they may be set free from the bonds of sin. Truth alone can make
men free. The liberty that comes through a knowledge of truth is to be
proclaimed to every creature. Our Heavenly Father, Yahoshua The Messiah, and the
angels of heaven are all interested in this grand and holy work. To man has
been given the exalted privilege of revealing the divine character by
unselfishly seeking to rescue man from the pit of ruin into which he has been
plunged. Every human being who will submit to be enlightened by the Holy
Spirit, is to be used for the accomplishment of this divinely conceived
purpose. The Messiah is the head of his church, and it will glorify him the more
to have every portion of that church engaged in the work for the salvation of

Fear Toward Me